Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well then here is the news as the electric light orchestra once sang. Business plan has now been completely completed.. ha ha. My days of number crunching for the time being are done, I'm an uncle (Magnus) to the largest four week old Ive ever seen this side of the elephant enclosure at Chester zoo.
Makes one take a little stock of the years events thus far, next steps and all that jazz.

However the little (now removed) fly in the ointment came from our old friend Facebook.. Found a new friend who then turned into Cyber stalker.. I'm now in a state of amazement as to why divorced or soon to be divorced madwomen from the USA (Fuck Yeah!) and Canada (Yah Ehh!) seem attracted/gravitate towards me. I must really be doing something quite wrong which must now be tackled head on, no respite. No retreat etc etc.
Answer on a postcard for all single middle aged women as to why i want to talk with you. Please mail to: " some one that gives a flying fuck about Hysterectomies/hormones/married life etc etc " many thanks.

The strangest thing most recently came about whilst in London with paddy for allegedly a comic con. A noble excuse to go get drunk i thought. HELL NO! After an intensely long coach journey within the only National Express coach WITHOUT air con, yes WITHOUT!! can you believe that we arrived at the Clink Hostel Very nice place! lots of nice people.. tho at 33 i was easily the oldest person in there... chance of pulling minus Nil. Soooo next day off the Excel out there in the shiny docklands, i expected Lots of fun instead it's filled to the rafters with kids nursing poorly made Manga'esque costumes... thirty Min's later I'm in central London with beer and cards enjoying glorious summer weather awaiting that magical of things all men (non gay) think of... Faulty Bikini tops.. shame one did not come along.

I'm sure that once mobile with work in the next few weeks the ability to meet humans able to articulate correctly both limbs and torso along with conversation which enlightens, refreshes and above all stops me going completely crazy.
Anyways New'ish bike nearly ready to ride (Praise be to Satan :D) so at least I'm out for the summer crashing headlong with furious calamity akin to kittens on stilts in woods somewhere near you.

And if you are middle aged and reading this - STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER - This is not the droid you seek...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hellooooo Again!

My word its been a while!

Ive not blogged since January and so much has happenned since. Exams mostly done, Germany trip completed - tho with tonnes of hassle lol - Business plan almost done. Babies born.. ive been a busy bunny to say the least!

Will be about from now on to regail all on the fun since January... :P

Bye for now

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ah the Joy of....

Revision for the next month..... im so happy i could crap.....
Well its nothing but books, motherboards. memory, scuzzy and HTML for 31days

Cant imagine anything better.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009


They come into your life
And though you never knew them before.
They come into your life
And become everything - at the fore.
They come into your life
And it not like it was before.
They come into your life
And you cant imagine before.

Friday, January 2, 2009


One cannot live on heartbeats alone,
then heart needs fire to focus
passion with which to fly
and love to grow
as years pass by
without these
one is doomed
via torment and pain
to life as stone

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

what's in a friendship

Some would say there is nothing at all, it all comes naturally. you can do a favour without wish for repayment mend a broken tap or even go for lunch.

When those friends continually fall back on their word you think to yourself... why bother.
It's hard enough as is right now without those who claim to support you not coming through on things they have clearly stated they would do.

like everyone out there i don't need you people in my life.
Im happier now ive removed these so called friends from my side. everything will be fine.
now for some sleeps before work in the morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Llandegla... Mud Monkeys Revenge

Hi all,

Back from another great day out at LLandegla with the boys and our bikes... Mud Monkeys had their revenge. Col, Paddy and me rocked the casbah out in north wales. It rained, winds blew, mud went everywhere yet cherubesque faces remained silly smiley. Copius cups of tea, bacon butties and choccy cake rounded off the afternoon before loading up the Volvo to drive home.

Wish i could be there every weekend... From the pic im sure you can guess how muddy we all were back at the centre.

Im knackered yet in high spirits as its back to work tommorrow, college in the eve then home in time for bed... Some Music to chill by for now. It shall be a grand week.