Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Work Smurk and where did i put my life handbook..

Pic title: 'Appearing Offline' - will make sense later i promise.

I've a large Smurk upon my face after getting another job to pay for college.
Read through Living Dead Girl's post this morning nearly falling out of my skin. She dreamt of a house fire whilst there was a house fire in full effect just up the road from where i sit now. Spooky as hell... although probably nothing in it??

Tonights big thing is research for this page, i've tonnes of ideas formulating which require some background running about. There are things i'd like to get up here yet haven't decided which ones just yet. Thanks to the Forum whose banner im still stuggling to get up here! sorry im having a dumb day...

Back to work in a week and already im wondering what i will do without endless hours to potter around - even though the benefit of even more money draws me out of my shell - its only selling mobile phones to people. Hardly rocket science. Keeps me in college to study till next year with exams due for payment january. Still im feeling empty about working in such a job. After x amount of years working to support others acheive things im somewhat confused as what i'm supposed to be doing to sort myself out. Strange Hey!

If only we all had a 'lifebook' (Copywright me) by which nattily entitled chapters guide each user through myriad minefields of love, happiness, joy, pain etc. Maybe there is a niche for my to plow a worthwhile furrow. Im hating being single right now since im not too good at it.

My new stalker, (someone ive let down nicely last night. She had asked whether i'd go out with her. I declined following my recent relationship.), had within the space of 10 minutes messaged me on both MSN, FaceF**k etc to talk before demanding where i was when i had not replied. Im now being cheeky living under the radar of 'Appear Offline' . Where do some people get off with things like this, im just annoyed about the whole thing to be honest im now having to go offline to avoid anymore unwanted messages, am i being cowardly - discuss. Still it makes me think and i hope ive not behaved like that to anyone else ;). So thought i catch up and throw it down here. haha

The rest of today involved all of the usual stuff. Tommorrow is moving house day.. at last.

Where did i put that life handbook...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Phew, what a sunday.

Had to get out and ride as the say. It rocked.

Travelled out to north wales for a riding centre instead to the usual hills and valleys. Just for the ease of transport etc. Got so filthy it was amazing as usual just what was needed to blow some of the cobwebs away.

Only problem was my camera refused to work so had no chance to take some cool pics whilst the weather held out. (it held out to the very second i'd opened the car door to leave.) plenty of lovely sunshine in the brittle air and vista's to die for. Yet the damn camera was not playing today.

Fell off farting around then hung my head as other riders coolly went passed sniggering... that was until my fitness told over there's with me sailing past them all before the end of the ride. And one particular bugger on this brand new £3k bike walking back having broke it haha there was me on this ten yr old hardtail too... Ah what a day.

Monday's job interview went quite well. Fingers crossed. College just as well although people were wondering why i happened to be dressed up in the monkey suit lol. Ah well im off for some well deserved sleep. The pic up there is from a previous ride for you all to love :) . G'night all.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whoa what a day....

06:45 this morning i arose sluggishly to prepare myself for work. Well you can all call it work but i get paid to stand around watching Everton play (depending upon your opinion) whilst laughing heartily at the many strange souls that shuffle along each home game for the cauldron of the Gwladys St stand.

Manchester United.
Premiership and European champions were todays visitors.

We feared a mauling.

A wet saturday afternoon mauling would further enhance a gloom laden attitude displayed by the hard bitten fans whilst I searched their bags for illegal contraband. Illegal you say well stuff that could be thrown at Wayne Rooney - former prodigy infamous for leaving the club under a considerable cloud - Funny enough we had to confiscate bottle tops yet allow the fans to enter with the bottles... hmmmm go figure that. fans could take mobile phone, makeup and even umbrellas in. Yet not bottle tops... my mind is still boggled.

The game started well, then dipped dramatically. Utd scored. The nature of the crowd within my stand became pure hatred. Hitler would have gotten cheered to the rafters in comparison.

Half time beckoned and the usual race to consume began. Second half Everton tear into the visitors eventually scoring a great headed goal and narrowly missing the chance to win the game! a great turnaround. The chant aimed at the venerable rooney brought tears of laughter.. it was something along the lines of " your just a fat fucking wanker ".. original indeed.

On the return home with my sis driving we compared stories since she works on another stand. That song also cheered her up on what was a dismal day weather wise.

What a day! a point at home finally with Bolton away coming up next wednesday night.

Come on you Blues.

Tommorrow im out in the hills getting dirty.... Yeah Baby

Friday, October 24, 2008

What now ...

How would you mend it i ask myself. through honest toil, steadfast devotion, or large scale actions - likes of which 'graced' gallipoli or the somme - anyhow im out of ideas. All of these have now been followed.

What now indeed. I fear for the future.

Friday Nights

Chocolate Filled dohnuts,

My fave pic!

Taken up in the hills during a glorious sunny ride over the summer.

The Tattoo

Ive a large Tribal tatto on my bike which has special significance for me. As a keen mountain biker of some twenty years now one of my idols growning up was Jason Mcroy. Unfortuntaly Jase met an untimely death whilst out riding his Harley. Follow the link for the whole story.

In tribute to this i had the work done with the detailing within the main work an off the cuff idea from the tattooist steve. It was a very proud day indeed.

This is my first, certainly not the last, inkage for me. The rest will follow next year once the madness of christmas is out of the way.

for those interested here is one of the pics...


Well today had been great fun so far.... set up the new computers, network and periperals. Then got to work on a new blog...( and promptly forgot what email address/password id used.
Been chatting with friends whilst downloading wonderful software updates between cups of coffee and toast.
I think im about to go completly mad where another password to fall out of my head into the floor and be lost. Still it's like christmas come early with all these new things to play with.

Sooooo here is another stab... nattily titled methinks.