Sunday, November 23, 2008

Llandegla... Mud Monkeys Revenge

Hi all,

Back from another great day out at LLandegla with the boys and our bikes... Mud Monkeys had their revenge. Col, Paddy and me rocked the casbah out in north wales. It rained, winds blew, mud went everywhere yet cherubesque faces remained silly smiley. Copius cups of tea, bacon butties and choccy cake rounded off the afternoon before loading up the Volvo to drive home.

Wish i could be there every weekend... From the pic im sure you can guess how muddy we all were back at the centre.

Im knackered yet in high spirits as its back to work tommorrow, college in the eve then home in time for bed... Some Music to chill by for now. It shall be a grand week.

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